How to Help with the Transition

By Christine BaderAugust 17, 2020 at 9:00 AM EDT We signed up my 7-year-old son for a socially distanced soccer camp, eager to give him some semblance of normalcy for the first time since our Oregon schools closed in mid-March. As we approached the field, though, he pulled my hand back and started crying. “I’m nervous

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Using Themes to Give Young Students a Sense of Purpose

Weekly themes like Chef Week make school fun while giving students a way to connect all the things they’re learning .By Michelle BlanchetOctober 13, 2020 Digital learning can get old. It can become harder and harder to vary without complicating our lives or our students’. This feels especially true for younger learners, who might struggle with

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Why Early Intervention is so Important

When Albert Einstein was a child, few people—if any—anticipated the remarkable contributions he would make to science. His language development was delayed, worrying his parents to the point of consulting a doctor. His sister once confessed that Einstein “had such difficulty with language that those around him feared he would never learn.” How did this child go

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Many Things to Consider

Districts explore providing iPads and Chromebooks, even for kindergartners By David Saleh RaufJune 8, 2020 Months before the coronavirus upended everyday life, a rural district in central Minnesota started giving Chromebooks to all of its high school students. It was the first time that devices owned by the Brainerd Public Schools were assigned to students to

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Helpful for both Teachers and Parents

I miss watching my kindergarten students play. I miss their thoughtful ideas about how our play could go better, or why they thought certain problems kept arising. Classic examples include, “If everyone wants the purple block, there shouldn’t be just one purple block. It’s not fair,” and “If you say it without yelling, I can

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23 Books on Race and Equality for Young Children

It is incumbent upon white Americans to be stronger, more active, and more consistent allies in the fight for racial equality. White parents, in particular, must ask ourselves how we can raise children who will be part of the solution to the racial inequities and injustices that pervade our society. Children perceive race before they’re even a year

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