K-2nd Grade Teachers: Ways to Support Yourself and Parents

For Claudia Margaroli, teaching reading during the coronavirus school shutdowns has looked nothing like what she used to do in the classroom. Instead of small group work, the 1st grade teacher at Charlotte East Language Academy in Charlotte, N.C., sees all her students in a whole-class Google Meet video chat twice a week. She tries

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Something to Consider in our, “New Normal”

By Sarah SchwartzMay 14, 2020 Two months after schools across the country began to shut down in-person instruction in response to the coronavirus pandemic, almost every state has directed its schools to provide some kind of remote instruction, and asked millions of students to engage in distance learning. But how much instruction are states recommending, and

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K-2 Teachers: Helpful Information and Strategies

While educators across all grades have scrambled to determine what effective remote learning looks like, early childhood educators have faced a unique challenge. Young students’ learning occurs through hands-on experiences guided by an intentional facilitator, and even the best educational technology cannot replicate this human connection. The challenge we face, then, is not how to

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Social Distancing and the Coronavirus

With more cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the rise, many people want to know what to do and how to keep the virus from spreading. Social Distancing is one of the main ways. It means keeping about 6 feet away from others and avoiding gatherings spaces like schools, churches, and public transportation. Here is

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Keeping your distance to stay safe

Around the world, public officials are asking people who have contracted or been exposed to the new coronavirus to practice social distancing, quarantine or isolation measures in an effort to slow disease’s spread. Social distancing means keeping a safe distance (approximately 6 feet) from others and avoiding gathering spaces such as schools, churches, concert halls and

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Black girl with sadness emotion

Tips to Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

Millions of Americans suffer from stress and anxiety. It’s important to note, chronic worrying is a mental pattern that can be broken. We often think that stress and anxiety are caused externally, however, external forces are simply triggers of internal thoughts causing the reactions. In this age of High-Stakes testing, many students experience test anxiety.

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